The spread of the virus led the Italian Government to issue a Prime Ministerial Decree on 3 November containing a series of regulations aimed at containing the spread of Covid-19. These include the closure of the lessons in presence at the universities, with the exception of certain activities.

The situation in Genoa is serious and it is for this reason that the local health authority is carrying out screening in Aliseo’s university residences with the aim of identifying any positive students and isolating them in order to safeguard the community present in the residence itself.

When a positive or suspicious person with Covid-19 is identified , the residence becomes a “residence under observation” until the positivity of the concerned student terminates.

This situation implies the prohibition of new entries into the residence, the closure to the external students of the canteens, where present in the residence itself (Gastaldi and Asiago) and the implementation of a deep sanitation of the common areas.

The student who wants to return to a “residence under observation” can:

– Return by presenting a certificate of negativity to Covid-19 carried out in Italy no more than 72 hours before the day of entry.

– Wait for the end of the “residence under observation” status and follow the instructions given to him/her for his/her return.

– Move to another university residence identified by Aliseo.

At the time of the screening provided for by ASL 3, the guests present are required to undergo the rapid swab.

Those who do not wish to do so will be transferred to another residence identified by Aliseo where they will have to stay for 14 days or until the end of the status of “residence under observation” if there is a positive in the structure. Students who were not present in the residence because they left before the screening, can return 14 days later or present a negative certificate to Covid -19 performed no more than 72 hours before.

It is recommended that students staying at the residence have a family doctor at ASL 3 in Genoa to contact in case of illness or suspected infection with the virus.

With the entry into force of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 3 November containing further stringent measures to combat the spread of the new coronavirus, three risk areas corresponding to three risk scenarios have been identified, for which graduated measures are envisaged.

The most restrictive measures are concentrated in the zone reserved for Regions at maximum risk, with scenario 4 (so-called red area); in the zone reserved for Regions at high risk but compatible with scenario 3 (so-called orange area), slightly less restrictive measures are envisaged; in the third zone, that for the entire national territory, the remaining Regions (so-called yellow area) are included.

The student who wants to return from one of these areas will have to communicate it to the contact person of the residence at least 5 days and will receive information on how to proceed. He will have to present a self-certification and in case he comes from a red or orange zone, he will have to send a certificate of negativity to the coronavirus performed no more than 72 hours before his entry.