Accommodations with fee


ALiSEO offers to university students with residence outside the Municipality of Genoa the opportunity to rent a bed in the apartments of its University Residences.

The apartments are located near the faculties of the University of Genoa and are generally composed of two bedrooms with one or two beds, a kitchen and a bathroom.

All the apartments are furnished and their kitchens are equipped with crockery, cutlery and utensils.

The fee includes gas consumption for the kitchen, water, heating, electricity, internet (where present). The price includes a weekly change of bed linen in the residences that have the industrial washing machine in the common areas or the provision of two sets of bed linen to be used during the year in the residences that have a washing machine in the apartments.

Do you prefer a room with a bathroom in a Student University Residence?

It is also possible. Please contact us by e-mail  because places are limited.

Who can request the bed:

  • all the students between 18 and 40 years of age not resident in Genoa, limited to the achievement of the first degree for each level of study, enrolled or intending to enroll in the University of Genoa or in an AFAM of Liguria region and who have not applied or who are not eligible for the benefits envisaged by the Competition Notice y. 2019/2010.
  • in the case of applications presented by students already accommodated with a fee in the academic year 2018-2019, with the exception of students attending doctoral courses or specialization schools, and students participating in master courses at the University of Genoa, the students themselves must have achieved between September 2018 and August 2019 a number of training credits not lower than 15.

How to apply for a bed:

It is possible to download the relevant application to be filled in and sent to ALiSEO by e-mail to  starting from 1st July 2019 (university students and AFAM).

Monthly prices for accommodation

The single room costs € 250.00

The bed in a double room costs € 200.00.

Possibility to choose the catering service at € 100.00 per month, including a free meal and with a second meal at the rate of € 2.00 to be applied to ALiSEO’s

Catering, Sport and Culture Service by filling in a specific form.


The applications will be accepted until all available beds have been assigned.

Assignment of an accommodation with fee  – housing service with
fee on ALiSEO (italian)