The Canteen Service

It is addressed to the entirety of the students enrolled in the University of Genoa and in the Institutions for Higher Education in Art and Music (AFAM present in the Ligurian Region).

In addition, the following students may also access the Canteen Service:

a) students participating in international mobility programs;

b) students enrolled in other Italian or foreign universities, who are in Genoa for study purposes;

c) scholarship winners of public or private research institutes or bodies participating in study activities;

d) teachers and university staff, including those from other universities;

It is a prerequisite, in order to access the canteen service, that university students are in possession of the special magnetic card issued by the University, for students enrolled in the courses of the University of Genoa, and by ALiSEO, for students enrolled in the Institutions for Higher Education in Art and Music (AFAM).

The scholarship winners are entitled to a free meal per day, the second meal, if any, is paid € 2,00.

To take advantage of the reduced rate (University ISEE income up to € 31.000) you have to apply to ALiSEO through the online procedure on the website

The rates for eating are various and depend on the kind of meal you eat (whether a full meal or a reduced meal) and the university restaurant (if directly or indirectly managed).

Students participating in international mobility programs can take advantage of the Service at the rate of € 3.50 for a complete meal, upon submission of an application to the Sport, Culture and Canteen Service of ALiSEO. In order to apply, the student must be in possession of a university card or, in any case, a student’s registration number and a certificate issued by the University indicating the period of permanence and the course to which the student belongs.

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