The Canteen Service

It is addressed to the entirety of the students enrolled in the University of Genoa and in the Institutions for Higher Education in Art and Music (AFAM present in the Ligurian Region).

In addition, the following students access the Canteen Service:

a) students participating in international mobility programs;

b) students enrolled in other Italian or foreign universities, who are in Genoa for study purposes;

c) scholarship winners of public or private research institutes or bodies participating in study activities;

d) teachers and university staff, including those from other universities;

It is a prerequisite, in order to access the canteen service, that university students are in possession of the special magnetic card issued by the University, for students enrolled in the courses of the University of Genoa, and by ALiSEO, for students enrolled in the Institutions for Higher Education in Art and Music (AFAM).

The scholarship winners are entitled to a free meal per day, the second meal, if any, is paid € 2,50.

To take advantage of the reduced rate (University ISEE income up to € 33.300) you have to apply to ALiSEO through the online procedure on the website

The rates for eating are various and depend on the kind of meal you eat (whether a full meal or a reduced meal).

Students participating in international mobility programs can take advantage of the Service at the rate of € 4.50 for a complete meal, upon submission of an application to the Sport, Culture and Canteen Service of ALiSEO. In order to apply, the student must be in possession of a university card or, in any case, a student’s registration number and a certificate issued by the University indicating the period of permanence and the course to which the student belongs.

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I am a student and would like to eat in a university restaurant: what do I have to do?

In order to eat at a university restaurant, you must have a university badge which is issued to you by the Università degli studi di Genova.

I don’t have a university badge, can I go and eat in the canteen?

Yes, but you must have a document proving that you are registered with Università degli studi di Genova and you can have lunch at the full price (Gastaldi € 6.00; Darsena, Asiago and Brignole € 8.00).

I have lost my university badge

According to article 11 of the Provisions of the Catering Service, ALISEO issues canteen badges on payment of € 15.00 ONLY if you submit a report of loss.
Canteen cards are not issued for any other reason.
The university badge is valid at the catering centres of ALISEO. To obtain it, please contact the student desk of your faculty.
For information:

How much does it cost me to eat in a university restaurant?

It depends: if you are a student receiving a scholarship provided by ALISEO, you have one free meal per day and the second meal costs € 2,50 (if you are a commuter or off-site student).
If you do not have a scholarship, you can access by paying the full rate (€ 6.00 from 1st October) or you can apply to be placed in an income band that depends on your ISEE and in this case you pay:
– Bracket 1 (ISEE up to € 25.000) € 3,00 per meal
– Bracket 2 (ISEE from 25.500,01 to 33.300,00) € 4,50 per meal.

I have applied for a scholarship: how much do I have to pay?

Catering is included with your scholarship application, but you will have to wait until the rankings come out in order to take advantage of the rate as a scholarship holder.
When the provisional rankings are published, you will be ELIGIBLE and pay € 1 for the first meal of the day and € 2,50 for the second meal; when the final rankings are published, you will be AWARDED and will be entitled to one free meal per day and the second meal at a cost of € 2,50.
A prerequisite for access to the catering service is that you have your university badge: (

Reduced rate according to ISEE

From 1st October, via the ALISEO website, you can apply online for the reduced rate of the catering service (
Please note: in order to benefit from any type of rate, students must be in possession of a university badge, otherwise they will have to pay full price for the meal.

I am a freshman and have applied for a scholarship: how much do I pay?

Until the publication of the provisional ranking list you can have lunch at full price.
From the publication of the provisional rankings until the publication of the definitive rankings you will pay € 1 for your first meal and € 2,50 for a second meal.
When the definitive rankings are published, if you are successful you will have the first meal free of charge and the second meal at € 2,50 (for commuter and off-site students).

I am an Erasmus student. Can I access the canteens? How much do I pay?

As an Erasmus student, you can have a full meal for € 4,50 for the duration of your stay.
In order to activate this rate, you must fill in a special application form attaching a certificate of enrolment specifying the period of your stay.
In order to access the catering service using this rate, you must be in possession of a university card, otherwise you will have to pay the maximum amount.

What does a full meal consist of?

A full meal consists of a first course, a second course with a side dish, fruit or dessert and a drink.

Is it possible to have a reduced meal? How much does it cost?

Yes, students who are out of bracket, in other words, who have not applied and are not scholarship holders, can ask for a reduced meal consisting of a first course or second course with side dish + a supplement and drink (for the Savona canteen, the side dish is charged for) at a cost of € 4.50 (from 1 October2023).

I am a scholarship holder, I have finished my first year of university but have not managed to get in 20 credits by 30 November.

You can have lunch at the university restaurants until 30 November at the scholarship rate.
In the event that you fail to achieve 20 credits by the due date, you will have to reimburse the cost of the meal you used free of charge by paying the difference between the out-of-bracket student rate and the eligible student rate.

I am a freshman applying for a scholarship. Can I also apply for a reduced price brackets?

No. Only if your application has been rejected, then you can apply for reduced price brackets.